Hosts on platforms like Airbnb & Vrbo as well as local hosts of luxury rental houses offer many amenities and services contributing  to their overall popularity. Lucky for us, this also comes with a high demand for quality rental house photographs. Usually, we as rental house photographers are the first ones to see new houses […]

So, you finally booked your flights to Turks and Caicos and the next question is: Where is the best place to stay during your vacation? Well, we’ve got the answer. Turnstone House at Grace Bay, a dream property we were lucky to do rental photography for. Welcome to Turnstone House Grace Bay Beach has been […]

While scrolling through our AIR Design website you might ask yourself, what’s the difference between Real Estate Photography, Architecture Photography and Interior Design Photography? Simply put, there are differences on so many levels — starting with the clientele — to how we approach the project. See our summary below. We hope this gives you a […]

The perfect interior design photography shot — very promising title, we know. As with so many things, beauty and perfection are in the eye of the beholder.  If you are an interior designer or fellow photographer – this article will guide you through our approach to interior design photography and how we achieve our unique […]

People often ask me for long I have been a Charleston real estate photographer or have been doing any professional photography. Most of them are surprised when I tell them I started not too long ago. It seems like most photographers were born with a camera in their hands. Well, not me. The first time […]